Functional Paleo • func’ tion·al pa’ leo

1 Paleo applied to lived experience;  moving primal health and fitness from grand theory into sustainable practice.

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PaleoFX is a collaborative symposium energized by professionals dedicated to turning the esoteric theory of primal health and fitness into actual real world practice.  Currently hosted each spring in Austin, TX, PaleoFX is a powerful three-day community of cutting-edge trainers, gym owners, health care professionals, bloggers, and scientists who work in a wide variety of fields, but who all focus on translating primal ideas into everyday, sustainable, effective realities.

“Action will remove the doubt that theory cannot solve.” – Pehyl Hsieh

PaleoFX:   Ancestral Momentum/Theory to Practice Symposium, is produced utilizing a hobbyist volunteer model, combining proven leadership skills from industry leaders with the strengths of individuals who enthusiastically live their lives based on ancestral principals.  Like other highly successful symposia (i.e.,  the  Ancestral Health Symposium), this model is designed to efficiently deliver high-value content while keeping the cost of attending the symposium low.

PaleoFX Motto: “Heal thyself, harden thyself, change the world.”

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Note from Paleo FX Founder, Michelle Norris:

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